Our very own David is spending the weekend in Lafayette, LA this weekend with the awesome folks at the Southern Screen Film Fest. In addition to eating a ton of amazing food and screening our new short THE COSMONAUT, David will also be giving his "LETTERS FROM THE TRENCHES: Filmmaking, Storytelling, and the Creative Process" seminar. Stay tuned for updates...and hope he doesn't get eaten by an alligator.


#16: Bad Ideas Are People Too

Ever feel like brainstorming sessions are an idea killing field? This week we are breaking down brainstorming to help you make meetings more productive and to help you keep bad ideas from being killed before they can grow up to be good ones.

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Episode 15: The Dagobah System

Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future... and that is why you need to find guidance from wiser artists and business persons. A mentor, you will need. So find your Yoda. And find your inner Luke.

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Twin Reflex: Sneak into the editing suite!

Hey friends of Vinegar Hill! We are raising support for our Feature film in the works called TWIN REFLEX!

If you don't know about it already; go to to see the trailer and get the details! We have an exclusive offer to get involved in the production of our film in a unique (and low cost) way! Back Twin Reflex on Kickstarter for only $5 and get access to edited scenes of the film AS WE ARE EDITING. What's even more exciting is the more people you tell about this offer, the more of the film you get to see in your exclusive session!

Here's how to do it. 1) Become a backer! 2) follow @TwinReflexMovie on twitter. 3) Tweet this message exactly:

I just backed @TwinReflexMovie on #kickstarter. Sneak into the editing room with me (before the masses!) — #TwinReflex

That's it! You will get to see EVEN MORE scenes from the film the more people that name drop you when they become a backer! So be sure to tell your facebook followers and twitter fans!


Episode 14: The Living Dead

It's the Vinegar Hill Halloween Special! Thrilling and chilling stories of the horrors of giving and receiving feedback that have been kept safe in our vaults until now! Listen now if you dare!

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Episode 13: Magic Carpet (Part 2)

Here to destroy the myth that creativity is an enemy of productivity! Again! In this episode we explain the Magic Carpet (sort of) and discuss in depth methods of being more productive and creative storytellers that we use every day.

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Episode 12: Magic Carpet

We are here to destroy the myth that creativity is an enemy of productivity! And that magic red carpets exist!* We are legally required to say that we can't guarantee you will become more productive after listening to this podcast. 

*Offer not available in the state of California.

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