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#19 The Heist

Ready to steal ideas from your favorite filmmakers? You are gonna need to prepare yourself for the steal if you are gonna avoid getting caught. It is an art form, just like your favorite heist movies...


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#16: Bad Ideas Are People Too

Ever feel like brainstorming sessions are an idea killing field? This week we are breaking down brainstorming to help you make meetings more productive and to help you keep bad ideas from being killed before they can grow up to be good ones.

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Episode 12: Magic Carpet

We are here to destroy the myth that creativity is an enemy of productivity! And that magic red carpets exist!* We are legally required to say that we can't guarantee you will become more productive after listening to this podcast. 

*Offer not available in the state of California.

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Learn To Watch Movies: "The V.S."

Tip of the week from our podcast: "The V.S." (download episode on iTunes)

The idea behind "Learn To Watch Movies" seems simple enough right? It just takes time and a lot of popcorn. Well if you think that's all there is to it, you are WRONG. Sort of.

It will take time. It may take popcorn. It may cause you to be an antisocial basketcase (please don't), but for us a big part of the process of watching movies for more than entertainment value really comes down to what I in the podcast referred to as watching movies in "secession" by which I meant succession, as in "one after another" not "leaving the union". Anyway. Basically if you want to do this right you need to start comparing apples to apples.

One of our recommendations for what we are going to hitherto refer to as "The V.S." (or secession... whatever.) are these films:

UNITED 93 directed by Paul Greengrass v.s WORLD TRADE CENTER directed by Oliver Stone

So hop over to netflix and do your homework! Watch these films and compare the way they handle the telling of similar true events. Then come back and let us know what your opinions are!

And since I have never seen either of these films myself (woops.) I will be doing this homework right along with you. It will be the best assignment you've ever had. Like we are in a distance learning class together, except we are watching movies...

Have fun!