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#22 To The Moon And Back

There is a point of no return on the way to the moon. When you set out to make a film there is a similar motivating factor. This week we talk about our production experience on Twin Reflex and some important lessons in directing.

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#21 Survival of the Fittest

While writing a documentary style narrative feature, 3 unlikely filmmakers discovered a world of lies, delusions, paranoia… A world where nothing is as it seems. A world where only the best ideas survive!

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#20 Never Trust an Expert

You know the old addage "never trust an expert".  What happens when you begin to think of yourself as an expert?  Beware oh filmmaker...beware...


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Episode 15: The Dagobah System

Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future... and that is why you need to find guidance from wiser artists and business persons. A mentor, you will need. So find your Yoda. And find your inner Luke.

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